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        Welcome to the official website of Anhui Aoxin Food Co., Ltd.!


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        • The Prime Minister of Georgia witnessed! Huizhou B
        • Business Promotion Report of Successful Business P
        • China Anhui (Chaohu) Import Food Industry Park and

        Enter the park

        Located in Chaohu Economic Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui Province, China, the park has superior location conditions and a modern integrated transportation system with developed land, sea and air linkages. The park is located in East China's two-hour "high-speed rail metropolitan area", covering 520 million people, accounting for 38% of China's GDP. The Park covers an area of 300 mu and …

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        Anhui Aoxin Food Co., Ltd.
        • Development goal

          Development goal

          Create enterprise brand value, build regional model park, experience of transnational characteristic food culture, production city integration production benchmark

        • Development Vision

          Development Vision

          Relying on and implementing the national strategy of "one belt and one way", we will create an international food trading and exhibition platform, and become a new business card of Chaohu's economy .

        • General positioning

          General positioning

          This is a window to buy and sell green food all over the world; it is an e-commerce platform with big data and foreign trade innovation; it is an industrial complex of food and tourism

        • Industry positioning

          Industry positioning

          Building Closed-loop Ecosphere of Sustainable Development of Food Industry with Industrial Thinking and Integration of Collection, Research, Trade, Reserve, Culture and Exhibition

        • Ultimate goal

          Ultimate goal

          Build a food and tourism complex, link up regional tourism resources, and form an important node in the half-soup tourism ring.

        Brand presentation

        • Experience Center Brand Portfolio Effect Map
        • Trading Center Brand Entry Effect Map
        • Long view Sauvignon Blanc wine
        • Visionary Garden Winery Qiongyaojie White Wine
        • Vista Garden Winery Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon Dry
        • Vista Garden Winery Pinot Noir Dry Red Wine
        • Glue man Sauvignon Blanc dry white wine
        • Rubber miner Merapine Lizhu

        Development strategy

        • Cross border food transaction

          Businessmen are eager to grow and to increase revenue in foreign markets. Companies choose to buy products from low-cost suppliers around the world.

        • Platform Supply Chain Integration

          Under the global food trade, the integration of supply chains can improve food safety and traceability, and control the risks of food safety and quality.

        • Innovative technology incubation

          Introducing new technology unicorn companies to improve the quality and efficiency of food products.

        • Joint supervision of government and enterprises

          The project plans to build a regulatory mechanism, introduce regulatory agencies and testing agencies, and build a regulatory testing center.

        Activity Center

        Characteristics of Industrial Park Platform

        • Integrated services

          Overseas Delivery, International Logistics, Bonded Warehousing, Bonded Trade Exhibition, Bonded Packing, Customs Clearance, Processing and Distribution.

        • B2B Platform for Imported Food

          Manufacturers directly supply overseas pricing platforms without earning any price differentials; Hold small international professional expositions for new product appraisal.

        • Cross-border e-commerce supporting services

          Organize packaging and distribution, cooperate with third-party overseas e-commerce platforms, logistics services, bonded, warehousing and inventory management.